End-user experience

Why is the app requesting location permission? Is it required?

It is NOT required to give location permission.

The purpose of your location data is to determine where a threat incident was encountered. For example, if a user was to encounter a network attack while connected to a Wi-Fi access point, it is useful information for your administrators to know where that access point is located for investigative purposes.

Should the app be always visible in my notification bar?

On the Android platform, the app is always visible on the notification bar if it is running in the background.

Does the app alter any settings on my mobile device?

No. ActiveShield does NOT modify the settings on your mobile device.

How do I uninstall the app from my Android device?

Revoke device administrator permissions for Active Shield, if applicable, then uninstall. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings > Security > Device administrators.

  • Revoke device administrator permissions for Active Shield.

  • Proceed to uninstall the Active Shield app as you would normally do.

Why does the app prompt for VPN configuration permissions?

The mobile agent uses an on-device VPN configuration to examine network traffic for security posture evaluations. This helps enable features such as phishing protection (see article).

Network traffic is routed through a local/on-device VPN; NOT external endpoints.

Network traffic flows from the source to the mobile agent, then to the intended destination. Thus, the device's IP address and network flow remain unchanged.

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