What are the benefits of installing the app on my mobile device?

Active Shield protects, detects, and reports to your organization malicious applications, network attacks, and device vulnerabilities that may leak sensitive data, expose private communications or compromise corporate data on your mobile device.

How can I share support logs for troubleshooting purposes?

To assist in the diagnosis of an issue, you may send logs from Active Shield along with a description by:

  • Opening the mobile agent app

  • Clicking the gear icon In the top right corner.

  • Click Send Support Logs.

  • Proceed to send the logs by email to along with a description of the issue.

What happens if the app detects a potential threat?

Active Shield will guide the user through a series of simple actions to remediate the issue. For example, the user may be prompted to uninstall identified malicious applications from the device. Furthermore, an incident report is sent to your organization's BETTER Console for further investigation.

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