Setup Integration

Setup integration

This document provides a step by step description of the actions required to integrate your Azure Sentinel instance to your BETTER MTD console.

Through this integration, security incidents captured through the BETTER MTD platform can be populated into the Azure Sentinel platform for real-time security review, proactive remediation, and user education.


  • BETTER MTD console: 3.x and newer

  • Azure Sentinel account

Network Considerations

The network communication channels must be open between the BETTER MTD cloud platform and the Azure Sentinel instance being integrated.

MTD Integration Configuration

In this step, you will configure your MTD tenant to communicate with your Azure Sentinel instance.

1.Log into your BETTER MTD admin console.

2. Go to Integration > Others and click on the Add Account button.

3. Select Azure Sentinel from the Integration selector.

4. Submit your Azure Sentinel parameters in the following screen:

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