Setup integration

This document provides a step by step description of the actions required to integrate your Workspace ONE UEM instance to your BETTER MTD console.

Through this integration, security incidents captured through the BETTER MTD platform can be populated into the Workspace ONE UEM platform for real-time security review, proactive remediation, and user education.


  • BETTER MTD console: 3.x and newer

  • Workspace ONE UEM (Airwatch) account

Network Considerations

The network communication channels must be open between the BETTER MTD cloud platform and the Workspace ONE UEM instance being integrated.

Configuring the Workspace ONE UEM and BETTER Console

In this step, you will create a user on your Workspace ONE UEM instance with the appropriate privileges that will later be used to connect with the BETTER MTD platform.

To integrate Workspace ONE UEM to BETTER console you need to:

  1. Prepare Workspace ONE UEM for API integration by enabling the API service, generating API keys, and configuring the authentication method

  2. Setup the BETTER Console with relevant information:

  • Host URL: Workspace ONE UEM host URL.

  • Credentials: Workspace ONE UEM username and password.

  • Apikey: API access key from Workspace ONE UEM

1. Setting up API integration on Workspace ONE UEM

Enable API access

  1. From the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console main menu, navigate to ​Groups & Settings​ >All Settings​ > ​System​ > ​Advanced​ >​API​ > ​REST API​.

2. On the General tab, make sure the ​Enable API access ​option is checked.

Generate API keys

3. On the same screen, click on the ​Add​ button to automatically generate the API key for the Organization Group.

4.More API keys can be generated for other services as required.

Configure the authentication method

5.Select the ​Authentication​ tab.

6.Enable the ​Basic​ authentication method.

7. Save the configuration.

Create Admin API Role

  1. From the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console main menu, navigate to ​Accounts >Administrators > Roles

2. Click on the ​Add​ button to add Role.

3.Make Sure to add ​Read​ write to ​API​, ​Device Management, ​and​ Groups.

Create Admin API User

  1. From the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console main menu, navigate to Accounts > Administrators > List view

  2. Click on the Add button to add Admin User

3. On the Roles tab, make sure to add the API role created in the previous step

2. Setting up BETTER Console

From the BETTER console, go to Integration > EMM/MDM > Add Account

1.Add the AirWatch integration tab / Modify it (if already added).

2. Add the Workspace ONE UEM credentials

  • Name: the one which is going to be displayed

  • API Host and Port

  • API Key: Copy from the Workspace ONE UEM console (How to generate the key is shown on the 'Generate API Key' section above)

  • User name and password: Workspace ONE UEM credentials

  • Configure the Sync interval: the frequency at which data is synchronized with AirWatch in minutes.

3. Click on Next

4. Write and search the groups you want to add the integration to

5. Click on Done.

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