By user invitation


Send user invitations

Open a browser and sign in to your BETTER MTD Console.

Click on Users.

Select the User tab.

Click Add User & fill out the proceeding form.

Click Add and you should see the new user listed on the page.

Select the user(s) you would like to invite. An Invite the button should become available.

Click on the Invite button and select the method(s) of sending the invitations.

(Conditional) If you selected Email the method, you should also select the email template that suits your case. This email template will contain the download link to the Active Shield app along with an activation link to enroll the device. Recommendation: set the Email Template to User Invitation (Store).

Click Send and you're done. The next part is up to the user to complete on their device.

Activate Active Shield

On your mobile device, go to your emails and open the invitation email that was sent.

Select the applicable app for your device and install it - i.e. Android or iOS.

After installation, head back to the invitation email and click on theActivatelink. You'll be redirected to the Active Shield app and enrollment will begin - this process may take a few minutes.

(Conditional) On Android devices, you might be prompted to set Active Shield as a device administrator in order to continue. This setting can be managed in the BETTER MTD Console > Settings > AGENT CONFIGURATION > DEVICE ADMIN.

Activation is now complete. Your device has been successfully enrolled and it should become visible in the BETTER MTD Console > Devices section in a moment.

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