Blacklist apps

Use case

Admin wants to ban or warn the user of a specific app on the end user's device.


  • A BETTER MTD tenant (how to create?)
  • Bundle id of the app(s) you want to blacklist
  • Logged into the BETTER MTD console with 'read/write' access to policies.

Option 1

Through the Policies section.

Step 1: Go to policies

From the side menu, select the Policies menu item.

Step 2: Edit the desired policy

Go to the policy you would like to edit and click edit (i.e. the pencil icon).

Step 3: Enable policy

Under the desired platform, select Application Threat > BLACKLISTED APPS & enable the policy.

Step 4: Go to the BLACKLIST tab

Click on the BLACKLIST tab.

Step 5: Edit in bundle Ids

Fill out the BLACKLISTED BUNDLE IDS field with comma-separated bundle ids of apps to the blacklist.
If you are unsure of the bundle id of the app you want to blacklist: Go to the Apps section > Click on the desired app > Copy the bundle id.

Step 6: Save changes

Click SAVE CHANGES to apply the changes made.

Option 2

Through the Apps section.

Step 1: Go to apps

From the side menu, select the Apps menu item.

Step 2: Open app details

Find the desired app and click on it.

Step 3: Blacklist the app

Click the BLACKLISTED checkbox.
Changes are applied immediately.
The app is blacklisted in your default policy.