Setup integration

  • BETTER MTD console: 3.x and newer
  • Syslog server account

The network communication channels must be open between the BETTER MTD cloud platform and the Syslog server instance being integrated.

In this step, you will configure your MTD tenant to communicate with your Syslog server instance.

Log in to the BETTER MTD Console and navigate to the Integration section of the console.

On the integration tab, click on Others then create an account by clicking on Add account.

From the list of integrations, choose Syslog and Add account name and click continue.

Add all of the parameters required.
  • On the format section, choose from Syslog(RFC3164) and Syslog(RFC5424)
  • From the format section, Choose from TCP or UDP. After filling out all the parameters, click on Save.
When you successfully create an account, you will get a confirmation message. Then click on Done
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MTD Integration Configuration
Step 1: Log in to the BETTER MTD Console
Step 2: Create a new account
Step 3: Add account name
Step 4: Add parameters