Configure policies


  • Access to BETTER MTD console (how to create?)

  • Signed in with 'Read/Write' permissions to Policies.

Step 1: Sign in

Sign in to the BETTER MTD console.

Step 2: Go to policies

From the side menu, click on Policies menu item.

Step 3:Click on ADD POLICY

selectADD POLICYand name your desired policy. when finished clickaddto save the changes.

Step 4: Click edit

Locate the desired policy you would like to edit and click edit, i.e. the corresponding pencil icon.

Step 5: Configure

Locate the desired settings and configure their parameters as you see fit.

Ensure desired settings are enabled in order to have it applied to the target devices.

Step 6: Save changes

Click SAVE CHANGES to apply changes.

Upon applying changes made, applicable devices will receive a policy update.

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